Friday, June 30, 2006

Since the Seattle Seahawks ain't broke

The Seattle Seahawks will have 20 starters back for 2006-07 and ready to go for the Super Bowl ring they just missed getting last year. Nevermind the pattern recent SB runner-ups have followed--we can follow our own compass.

Coach Holmgren is rightly pleased with quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, and who is going to complain about working with the NFL's Most Valuable Player Shaun Alexander? I wasn't happy to see Steve Hutchinson depart to the Minnesota Vikings, but we've still got Walter Jones and the best offensive line in the NFL. And we lose one Pro Bowler, we find another: welcome aboard, Julian Peterson!

Gotta get my tickets to see the Seahawks start revving up for the season by stomping the Dallas Cowboys on August 12th.