Friday, December 15, 2006

8-6 for the regular season

For the second straight game, the Seattle Seahawks failed to clinch the NFC West title – losing their third consecutive division game and second to the 'Niners over the past five games, this one 24-14.

The loss dropped the Seahawks to 8-6, while the 49ers (6-8) now have the tie-breaker. The Seahawks finish the season at home to San Diego next week and are at Tampa Bay for the final game, while the 49ers play host to Arizona next week and go on the road to Denver to close out the season. The Seahawks would have to lose both games and the 49ers win both of theirs for San Francisco to win the division.

Our next game is Dec 24 against the Chargers.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Seahawks Squeak by Broncos

In Sunday night’s game against the Denver Broncos, the Seattle Seahawks to my amazement won 23-20. I say amazed because the Seahawks’ playing was so far from perfection, they couldn't have found it with a compass.

Seattle only made 12 first downs, 270 total yards, and went a dismal 3-of-16 on third-down conversions. The offense was stuck at flat line in the first half, when it amassed just 67 yards. They also squandered opportunities, throwing away a promising third quarter drive when quarterback Matt Hasselbeck committed the cardinal sin of throwing the ball in the direction of Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey.

Perhaps the football Gods were smiling on the Seahawks, a team that had experienced little luck with a devastating series of injuries earlier in the season.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Let it snow

Some people in Seattle are very upset about the recent snow in Seattle, but not star running back Shaun Alexander who frolicked in the snow Monday night at Quest Field.

It was the first time it ever snowed during a Seattle Seahawks home game, and look at the difference the cold and the snow made. The Seahawks are now 7-4 and confident after Monday night in the snow. The week before in the heat and sun of San Francisco Seattle was humiliated losing 20-14.

The good news is that the Seahawks have 2 more home games with the chance of snow, but 3 away games of which the only one that has the possibility of snow is in Denver coming up on Sunday. However, the prospects for snow Sunday in Denver are practically non-existent. Then again who expected snow in Seattle?